Shaw's Jewelry *RE-BID*
1021 West Gray
Houston, TX 77019
Bid Date/Time:  Wednesday, 1/25/12 @ 2:00 PM
New Construction / Ground-Up Project 6,500 sq.ft.
New Construction - Sales Tax on material only
6,500 sq.ft.
Scope of Work: Acoustical Ceiling; Awnings; Concrete; Door Hardware; Drywall; Electrical; Environmental; Exterminator; Fire Alarm; Flooring;  Glass; Hollow Metal Doors; Overhead Doors -  (Page A7.1 - Door Type G); HVAC/Mechanical; Landscaping; Marble/Granite; Masonry; Millwork; Paint; Plastering; Plumbing; Restroom Accessories/Partitions; Roofing; Site/Earthwork; Steel Fabrication; Striping; SWPP; Termite Control; Tile; Waterproofing

1/16/12 - NEW DRAWINGS, drawing revisions due to permit comments, also due to a ceiling discrepency. PLEASE Revise and re-submit your bids according to plans below.
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